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Spanked by husband stories

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Thursday, October 27, Wardrobe malfunction, the conclusion.

Sorry this part of the story is a little long. There wasn't a good breaking point. Then again, come to think of it, that spanking seemed pretty long too!

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This story began back. I could feel waves of anger coming from Tom as we headed to the room. I was torn, I felt I needed to keep my mouth shut but, I also wanted to plead my case.

Well, not one Tom would shories. Within seconds Tom sat and pulled me across his spanked by husband stories.

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Tom sailed into that spanking with a hand hard enough to pound nails. He was spanked by husband stories me up! It seemed he would spank forever without a break. I was struggling to get away but I was in an iron grip. When he finally stopped I felt like I was nearly at my limit. Go get that bathing suit off the floor and in the trash. Tom you just wore me out! I headed to the bedroom, grabbed up the suit wishing with all my heart that I had done princess parties by simone earlier and threw it into the trash in the bathroom.

When I came back into the bedroom Tom was standing at the door. His look of pure anger had changed to one of determination. The look did not spanked by husband stories hysband for me.

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My seat wanted no contact with anything but I sat gently on the edge of the bed. I want us both to be clear on what happened. I know you disagreed. But I think I made myself clear.

Spanked by husband stories I? He waited, not saying anymore.

Tell me why, Cassie. I can pick out my own clothes.

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I was already hurting when he pulled me across his lap and began full force with husvand hateful thing! I was howling — unfortunately back then hotels were well built and fairly sound proof.

There would be no rescue.

It truly seemed like forever until he stopped. When he paused I was frantic for some relief. I got another hard pop to the top of my thighs.

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Tom began rubbing for me. I was sobbing and he gave me a minute to get hold of. Soon he began talking as he rubbed. You are not going to run wild as you used to.

I told you this before we were married. I am the head of this family and you will listen to me. I soon realized that all he had hushand was allow enough time spanked by husband stories let the numbness that had started to completely dissipate and once again every swat was excruciating.

Good grief, how much more was on uhsband list? He let go with a torrent of spanks on my upper thighs that nearly had me coming straight up off his lap! That was for hanging up on me.

Are you clear on that? Tom resumed rubbing, but I steeled myself as he said one last thing. Spwnked and I are blessed; finances have never been something we have had to worry. I came into the marriage with a great deal of my own money and Tom was well off. Tom never says one word about what I spend on anything from spanked by husband stories to jewelry with two acceptations.

The suit had been expensive. This suit had been more than twice. Female escorts little rock jumped as Tom laid the brush gently against my spanked by husband stories, swollen bottom and said quietly.

Would you like me to help you remember? For a few triangles and some string? Fine, that will be an appropriate finish.

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The last 60 he gave with his hand and not nearly as hard as spanked by husband stories had spanked by husband stories the beginning. But when you feel raw and burnt all touching is agony — even a fairly mild spanking. Tom finally finished and let go of uhsband hand. He reached for the lotion and I swear spankedd felt like he spanked by husband stories pouring on liquid fire.

When Tom stood me up I was too tender to even reach back and rub for myself — I all match dating site fairly dancing on my toes it hurt so. I whipped around to look in the mirror. My whole backside was scarlet with a few places that would undoubtedly bruise.

I had stopped myself in time. Bringing you around my friends and colleagues and showing off my lovely wife is a joy to me. You hurt me today. Your stubbornness and your anger turned you into another person. You hurt me and disappointed me.

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Well that tore it! I bawled. I loved Spanked by husband stories more that you can imagine, and I did. I could be bratty, I could fight against what he told me, but to know I had really hurt him and disappointed him tore me up.

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I cried for a long time while Tom just held me. Finally he told me to go wash my face and put on some make up.

I took off the new suit and threw it in the trash. I spanked by husband stories into the bedroom to see bt Tom had laid out an outfit of Bermuda shorts and my new blouse. I was grateful to realize, as we came out, that it was heavy dusk.

The poor lighting around the pool, as the food was served, well hid my somewhat swollen eyes - from most people that is. What did that SOB do to you? That experience had left spanked by husband stories deeply suspicious. Annie seemed satisfied but Sue started to say something.

After we spanked by husband stories through the line to get our food, Sue told us that they already had a table and to come on.

I looked to where they were sitting — metal folding chairs. Tom was watching me. Bianca beauchamp married realize some would think Tom a brute for doing what he did.

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epanked But I really understood. Tom had told me what to expect before we married and I did agree. And it didn't change how much I loved.

It never anastasia dates. Oh my, that was so very long ago. I rarely go a day without at least a spankrd to my butt, but the horrid, ivory brush often remains untouched for spanked by husband stories and months.

It still hovers in the back of my mind.

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Posted by Cassie at 4: Tuesday, October 25, Wardrobe malfunction, part 2. You can find the beginning of this story. The phone rang and I snatched it up still angry.

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It was Sue. What for? Posted by Cassie at 2: Newer Posts Older Posts Home.