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To think cheating wives duluth superior I had never focused blame on this particular part of the male anatomy. But there was anthropologist Helen Fisher on the "Today" show explaining that Client 9's destiny was in his eyebrows. And his cheekbones. And these are signs of extremely high testosterone.

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Of course cheating wives duluth superior anthro-babble was not as bad as what came from Laura Schlessinger, the guiltmeistress of talk radio, who located the cause of infidelity entirely outside of the male body and onto the wife.

While eyebrows were being analyzed, jaws were dropping across the face of the nation.

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Even in a cynical age when one politician after another leaves his reputation in a bathroom stall or a D. He'd gone from "the steamroller" prosecutor to Kristen's customer to the announcement: But if anatomy really is destiny, this scandal laid bare a gender gap in cheating wives duluth superior.

Across the blogosphere and dinner table, men were asking "How could he do it? It was the "stone-faced," "ashen-faced" woman, her "eyes puffy and visibly shaken," who stood by her husband's.

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Not once, but twice. The frustrated wish that echoed through my real and virtual neighborhood was that "just once" some politician's wife superuor say no to the ritual public humiliation, hit the jerk upside the head, and yell, in blogger Amy Ephron's words: The closest anyone had come was the woman cheating wives duluth superior once warned, gay vancouver bathhouse a lot more like Lorena Bobbitt than Hillary.

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If he does something like that, I'm walking away with one thing, and it's not alimony, trust me. David Vitter, was found in the D.

Madam's black cheating wives duluth superior. There were other musings and postings from the XX side of the biological ledger. More than one angry woman blurted, "This is why we need a woman in the White House!!!

Well, allow me to raise one very light andestrogen-ated eyebrow. Cheating wives duluth superior very model of a political wife today is a strong woman. They are all lawyers, all advisers, and all left their own professional lives.

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That's the way we like. We want an independent thinker who rarely contradicts her husband.

We want women who are powerful but not uppity, to shine but not outshine, and, above all, to be equals who happily choose to walk one step. We expect them to stand by their man in good times and are horrified when they do dulkth in bad times.

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In a moving speech this week, Diane Patrick, lawyer and wife of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, described the pressures that led her into a deep depression last year.

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I can't figure for the life of me why so many prominent men are sexual risk-takers. I can't even figure out the allure of a hotel assignation.

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The hotel fantasies among traveling mothers I know are about taking baths alone and calling room service. I also don't know what cheaitng of strength and weakness, family obligation and humiliation sets the Sildas on stages. But I do know that the political demand for two-for-the-price-of-one often comes at the cost of one. So, before we start deciding what we want from a wronged political cheating wives duluth superior, we better start changing what we demand from the right political wife.

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Sports Sep 10th - 10pm. Education Sep 10th - 9pm. News Wronged wives ought to spare themselves the sorry stage To think that I had never focused blame on this particular part of the male anatomy. Written By: Filme porno mom Sep 10th - 9pm. cheating wives duluth superior